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The history of these started in January of 2020 and the Loppet Winter Festival, a new event for us. This is an amazing urban outdoor experience, with skiing, fat-tire biking, dogs, home-made chili -the works. They wanted a medical command center in the back of their pretty chalet-building called the Trailhead. None of the usual assets were available- our two best command trucks were actually rehearsing for another mesh/video event for us. Our two large 40-65′ class tower trailers were either frozen in or blocked in. An Emergency Management loan request was rejected. So we went online- “tower trailer” morphed into “Light Tower”- $700 later we had our first one. Now we have around fifteen. On the auction sites like http://www.ironplanet.com the broken and retired trailers are not pretty. But you can find some amazing deals. Bring spare tires and magnetic trailer lights.

Here is our Hamcation 2021 talk: Technology – Build a Mesh Mobile Tower Fleet – YouTube

N+1 generator sparing at Field Day 2021 Benson Airport. Note the load balancing transformer on the right 240v to 120v TT-30
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