Amateur Mesh Radios

Years ago we standardized on Ubiquiti radios for our mesh work. That was a good decision. I prefer 5G vs 2G as it is in our experience far less congested. We picked channel 157. They are lovely, and the older models (use the HP = High Power ones the really really old ones do not)Continue reading “Amateur Mesh Radios”

A Tale of Two Meshes

Back in 2011 we got some money from Dan Skripka and ordered a selection of Ubiquiti mesh hardware for our Lab. We liked the idea of a backbone network on 5 GHz, as 2.4 Ghz has just three non shared channels and was congested. The noise floor on 2.4G with thousands of cell phone carryingContinue reading “A Tale of Two Meshes”

D-Star and Reflector 53

Fifteen or twenty years ago we had a need at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon to keep track in real time of the location of hundreds of injured or dropped-out runners across fifteen or so aid stations, a fleet of busses and a 40×80 foot hospital tent. This expanded to include a fleet of medicalContinue reading “D-Star and Reflector 53”

Hams on the Lake Mesh test

Today many local hams decided to meet out on White Bear Lake. Some to get on HF, others to test their go-kits, and others to test our tower fleet in real world conditions. The PB tower trailer was there to perform the following tests: Test of Hotspot/Mesh configuration to tunnel to the MN statewide meshContinue reading “Hams on the Lake Mesh test”

“Little White” Trailer (#11) – 2005 Wacker LTC-4L

Wacker 2005 LTC-4L. 30′ steel tower. Running Lombardini 1003 “FOCS” 27 hp. diesel. Group 24 marine battery, 45A alternator, 400W inverter. Both meshes. PTZ camera. Narrow and “garage friendly”. 2/2/21: So with phone coaching from N0NAS the main generator (stator) windings were tested on the Mecc Alte C2 130/4 6KW generator. Both are open. ThisContinue reading ““Little White” Trailer (#11) – 2005 Wacker LTC-4L”


On NY9D’s trailers, we are setting them up like phone company central offices. These buildings run all equipment only on 48V batteries. Some modern datacenters do this. The AC power from the power mains or generator only goes to the battery bank via chargers. In the trailers, we use 12V, and they have one, twoContinue reading “Power”


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