Pulley in a tree

I stumbled across this video that shows how to get a pully up to the top of a tall tree, without extra ropes dangling, and – get this – includes a way to remove the pulley from the treetop if you want, without climbing. The advantages of a pulley in the tree are obvious forContinue reading “Pulley in a tree”

ACRC Club Contesting

The Anoka County Radio Club has started doing more contesting activities at the beginning of the year. We have now done 8 contests, including Field Day, with score dashboards available for people operating under their own callsigns. There are two things we’ve implemented to help us along. First, we’ve become an ARRL affiliated club forContinue reading “ACRC Club Contesting”

January VHF contest

This year it was time to do the vhf contest. Weather was cold, and band conditions were iffy but there were occasional openings on 2m and 6m. All in all it was a productive (and cold) contest as the propane tanks emptied before the contest was over, struggling against the extremes of cold MN weather.Continue reading “January VHF contest”

The Dawg House

After studying the idea of a radio/video uplink trailer for some time in early 2020, N0NAS and I discussed at great length the use case for such a rig. It would be for events, where we needed an indoor, all weather operating space for a day or longer. In COVID, a large, multi-operator space (i.e.Continue reading “The Dawg House”

September 2021 VHF contest

Never missing an excuse to get on the air, the ARRL VHF contest was this past weekend. Many of us, myself included, have permanent VHF / UHF antennas (plural) on the roof. Don’t ask how many, we’ve surely lost count… But they’re extremely non-ideal when the polarization doesn’t match the traffic you’re trying to work…Continue reading “September 2021 VHF contest”

Rethinking J-Pole antennas

Early on, both of my tower trailers started out with fibre-glass vertical antennas. They have great gain, and you can get them in longer lengths to get every bit of elevation you want. I am starting to re-think that strategy. I discovered that it’s alarmingly easy for a long fibre pole to be just longContinue reading “Rethinking J-Pole antennas”

Bumblebee #15

How far away can some random city in Wisconsin be? I live about nine air miles from the border. I saw this one on the Hansen Auction site- bit rusty. Bad generator- not news. Lobbed in a crazy lowball bid. Then decided to study the photos. The little toggle /clamp in the two inch ballContinue reading “Bumblebee #15”


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