D-Star and Reflector 53

Fifteen or twenty years ago we had a need at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon to keep track in real time of the location of hundreds of injured or dropped-out runners across fifteen or so aid stations, a fleet of busses and a 40×80 foot hospital tent. This expanded to include a fleet of medical carts, and a lot of families who came to the Family Medical Information tent to ask about runners who did not finish on schedule. The possibility their runner was injured was worrying to them.

So we built a database in PostgreSQL called trivnetdb. The best way to access that database for rapid queries and updates by untrained volunteers was a web type interface. There was no good way using 1990s Amateur Radio technology for 20 or so users to access that database across a 26 mile race course.

Along came Icom D-Star DD mode. It supports ~85 kbps, half duplex. Just enough for a simple web front end. Our marching orders were to also be a backup system to the Internet, cell phones and the rented event radios. We had to do a software trick to get the ID-1 radio in the data trailer to accept multiple connections at once (dnat) but after that we were golden. We put in a series of DD mode “repeaters/nodes” on tall building around town and we were set.

Icom give us a few repeaters under a promo. Then were pestering us to support voice, which we decided was fun but not really necessary. We did try DV voice and it was cool- and we asked Ray for some more repeaters. We struck a deal- if we got North Dakota on the air he’s give us four more systems. One went to Duluth and one was for Little Falls. We did not know a soul in ND, but the ARRL (Ann Foster) got us in touch with the NDSU club. Reflector 53 came from TWINSLAN, our area digital data club, and they have it in a virtual hosting center. We have a partnership with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary local radio club who helped fund a repeater. The Digital Amateur Radio Club in Little Falls helped us grow. They run two nets- the Iowa D Star Net and the MN D-Star Net.

We were delighted to see a new repeater module that supports FM. We use lots of FM at the Marathon -it is the great unifier and we love new, untrained and otherwise unwanted volunteers.

D-Star Site Status   (Reflector 53A) 6/1/20
KC0TQI East Ramsey County
, 250′ AGL 1.2 DD 1299.000 – MNSTP -Twinslan/Mining ARC etc – is the web/Citadel server- .1 is the base repeater.  1285.1 DV Up 8/15
WD0HWT Minneapolis South/MSP Airport/MOA
– 200’AGL – – 1298.000 DD only 172.16.7.x is the DHCP range. Mesh. 
KE8TX 1251.000 DD DHCP  Minneapolis Downtown East – 400′ AGL –  1.2 fixed 5/1/19  Mesh   
W8WRR B 1249.000 DD  STPONE – Downtown St. Paul #1 Site. DV 443.350.  USCG Aux.    Has 5ghz mesh omni on Channel 157
KD0JOV –145.150 /442.900 – Up -West Metro site, excellent Hennepin coverage.  On USTrust with G3 functionality. 
Anoka Radio Club/Bakken Club. On the air 443.775 DV  Ham Lake. W0ANA  B (two spaces) – now with 1.2 DV/DD- also 2 meters up (6/20/11) 145.405 DV –  Good coverage North and West.  Ramsey. 
1299.500 DD + full stack – +DD – Chaska– Alan. Now all on USROOT.


See http://www.minnesotadstar.org
1251.500 DD MNWASH. KA0JSW /24 + DHCP Bayport, MN @600 feet. Installed on 10/1/13.  DD + packet. 
Anoka Club – Ramsey 444.525  DV on the Gateway  KE0MVE
KA0JSW B – 444.000 + DV system  + DV 1285.500 DV also- Up on our Gem Lake site.  IRCDDB + Pi. 
W1AFV- Up @400 feet.  442.95 DV. Up.  IRCDDB, decent Minneapolis – SW coverage.     
KD0YLG 443.850 St Cloud very wide coverage @500 feet.  Spotty Internet  
KE0UAV- Cottage Grove, MN 443.500. 
TWINSLAN/Riverview DMR – Funded by TWINSLAN

Rochester, UP- 2/18
Duluth, Wabosso, Faribault – Up
Little Falls – W0REA B 444.000  on US Root – UP
Fargo Moorhead 440.000 – IRCDDB    NDSU KD0SWQ
Reflector 053a- Minnesota – VPS hosting center in St. Paul.  One deck – B- is for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary C is for ARES
KC0WLB is now a full time G3 registration server  

73’s NY9D

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