Dice- 24′

24′ Allmand Night Light Pro. Shown at Hams in the Park with an HF station late 2020. Kubota D905 ~22hp diesel. Runs, had a bad 6 KW main Pancake generator bell bearing.

We were able to replace the bearing and save one (3KW- 115V) winding. One 100K Lumen light. AREDN 5G ~30 gallons diesel. It has a 60A 12V alternator. We made a new outrigger (right rear) out of 1/4″ x2 inch hot rolled steel tube. These are narrow (4 feet) so are garage-friendly. Thinking about a six foot square steel tube tower extension. TRAM 1480 dual band antenna.

Power/Generator class trailer sold in 2021 location unknown

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