Was Orange Now Black -Trailer #1

1985 Over-Lowe. 30′ rotating steel mast. 3.5KW propane/gas generator, 20# onboard fuel (10 hours minimum). 10U enclosed rack space. 2x Group 27 deep cycle batteries. 2x 15W onboard solar. 115V shore power inlet. 12A dual port marine shore power battery charger. 150W LED floodlight.

Status: USCG Auxiliary 8/30/21

History: Deployed for live Part 15 streaming mesh video and FM repeater service at the Pre-Loppet 1/21, and Loppet City of Lakes Winter Festival, 2/21. Supported a mobile DMR repeater for a Dakota County Ironman Bike Race, 8/14/21. 2x Field Day, 6x Hams in the Park.

ONB at the Pre-Loppet ski event, 1/2021. We tested the repeater and PTZ camera and mesh. The batteries lasted all day. We ended up streaming 27 hours of live YouTube video for the organization this winter.
We gave up on the Lombardini 9LD 561-2 diesel after lots of effort. A valve job, new high pressure pump, injectors. There was just not enough compression. and it was felt the main bearings were shot. New cylinders and pistons were $300 each. A whole new trailer is $600. Taking it out saved room for a repeater rack.
We added an eBay imported motor scooter muffler to the noisy Sportsman 4000DF generator (Walker 40000 1 inch tubing) – it made a big difference. The chrome tip is good for style points.
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