Peanut Butter (PB) Trailer

Tower trailer naming standards…

As is a local custom, ham radio tower trailers require funny or amusing names. PB is named Peanut Butter for its approximate color.

Allmand “brand” light tower with lights and engine removed and antenna mount installed.

2M/440 capabilities

  • Small 2M/440 aux antenna at 26′
  • Tram 1480 2M/440 main antenna (8′ antenna 6db/8db 2M/440)

Power / attributes

  • 2×100 watt solar panels and charge controller
  • 2″ ball with 4 wire lights (working)
  • Rolling wheels added (on other side of the bar)
  • Powerpole, dual USB, cig lighter power output on board.
  • Buck converter to 24 volt – Currently 2-4 POE connections
  • 100AH AGM cell
  • 18 inch vertical clearance for side door.
  • Antenna crossbar for additional installations
  • Pulley & spots for HF wire antennas to attach


  • 5g Rocket on AREDN (channel 180, 10MHZ). KC0LQL-PB-5G Cheap Chinese antennas
  • Twinslan network Bullet with 8db 5G antenna.
  • Legacy 2g WRT-54G node on p15 channel 1. KC0LQL-PB-2G AREDN 2g/5g and cross-connected with dtd (Ethernet bypass).


  • Small LED light for internal and/or area illumination

Past Service:

  • 2020 ARRL Field Day
  • 2020 ARRL Simulated Emergency Test
  • 2021 Winter Field Day (St. Cloud, MN)
  • 2021 ARRL Field Day

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