Jelly (J) Trailer

Tower trailer naming standards Why Jelly?

As is a local custom, ham radio tower trailers require funny or amusing names. It might be obvious but J is named Jelly to go with peanut butter. A nice grape paint job is in the works before winter…

Jelly is a Ingersoll Rand “brand” tower trailer with generator removed and antenna mount added.

2M/440 capabilities

  • Comet GP-3 antenna


  • 2x 80W solar panels and a charge controller and ~50 AH AGM battery (2018 date)
  • 2″ ball with 4 wire lights (working)
  • Rolling wheels added (on other side of the bar)
  • Powerpole, dual USB, cig lighter power output on board.
  • 12 inch vertical clearance for side door.
  • Buck converter to 24 volt – Currently 2-4 POE connections


  • 5g Rocket on AREDN (channel 180, 10MHZ). KC0LQL-J-5G Cheap Chinese antennas
  • Twinslan network Bullet and 5g 8db antenna
  • Legacy 2g WRT-54G node on p15 channel 1. KC0LQL-J-2G AREDN 2g/5g and cross-connected with dtd (Ethernet bypass).


  • Small LED light for internal illumination

Past service:

  • 2020 ARRL Field Day
  • 2020 June VHF Contest
  • 2020 ACRC Halloween Special Event station
  • 2021 ARRL Field Day
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