September 2021 VHF contest

Never missing an excuse to get on the air, the ARRL VHF contest was this past weekend. Many of us, myself included, have permanent VHF / UHF antennas (plural) on the roof. Don’t ask how many, we’ve surely lost count… But they’re extremely non-ideal when the polarization doesn’t match the traffic you’re trying to work…Continue reading “September 2021 VHF contest”

Getting Internet access and N3FJP Logging configured at your ARRL Field Day site

ARRL Field day is an exercise for emergency communications, and a fun contest for ham radio operators. Most clubs use software, like N3FJP to handle logging from multiple locations at the same time. This presents the need for a network to connect the server to the clients. Having done this many times in many differentContinue reading “Getting Internet access and N3FJP Logging configured at your ARRL Field Day site”

240V AC Power Distribution and Field Day

ARRL Field Day 2021 is upon us, and we are listening carefully to the various planners. The tower trailers are popular in two roles- towers and generators. Beams are a nice add on for station planners and a 30+ foot place to hang a dipole- why not. Light towers have accessory outlets, and 15-20A 120VContinue reading “240V AC Power Distribution and Field Day”

Ham Tower Generator Trailer #13, Tango X-ray (TX)

Doug, N0NAS who has been a long time mostly remote collaborator on the tower trailer project gave up trying to convince me to not buy any more of them in March, 2021. The argument was “we don’t use them”- however they get used all the time. They have been to Hams in The Park (+Continue reading “Ham Tower Generator Trailer #13, Tango X-ray (TX)”