240V AC Power Distribution and Field Day

ARRL Field Day is upon us, and we are listening carefully to the various planners. The tower trailers are popular in two roles- towers and generators. Beams are a nice add on for station planners and a 30+ foot place to hang a dipole- why not. Light towers have accessory outlets, and 15-20A 120V ACContinue reading “240V AC Power Distribution and Field Day”

Ham Tower Generator Trailer #13, Tango X-ray (TX)

Doug, N0NAS who has been a long time mostly remote collaborator on the tower trailer project gave up trying to convince me to not buy any more of them in March, 2021. The argument was “we don’t use them”- however they get used all the time. They have been to Hams in The Park (+Continue reading “Ham Tower Generator Trailer #13, Tango X-ray (TX)”

AX.25 Minnesota Statewide Packet Radio 145.670

Right after the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington, DC there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about dirty bomb attacks. The idea was bad actors would get their hands on some radioactive material, mix it with conventional explosives. This would cause panic and people to flee, potentially in large numbers. HavingContinue reading “AX.25 Minnesota Statewide Packet Radio 145.670”

Trailer #12 – “Yoda” 2013 Wacker LTN6L

We are starting to think about Amateur Radio/ARRL Field Day June 25/26/21. And “asset packages” for MNVOAD deployments. Each of these would call for dual 6KW or more diesel generators parked 50′ away -feeding 240V heavy gauge power cables to distribution points. We have just one 240VAC capable trailer now- and need a second one.Continue reading “Trailer #12 – “Yoda” 2013 Wacker LTN6L”

Our New MOUs and Trailer Classes

We just signed an MOU with Minnesota VOAD. They are part of a national structure of non profit and sometimes faith based volunteer groups that respond to disasters. We now have one with MN ARES also. I talked to our friend Steve Hartman, who is a regional lead with the Red Cross. He says thereContinue reading “Our New MOUs and Trailer Classes”

The Pre-Loppet/ Loppet Winter Festival

Early in 2020 we volunteered at the Loppet Winter Festival, a large urban ski and fat-tire bike race.  We set up a medical command center and helped at the aid stations.   This event, sit in a hilly park, gave us the idea to convert retired construct light trailers to Amateur Radio use- we are upContinue reading “The Pre-Loppet/ Loppet Winter Festival”