Signage – 15 pieces of “flair”

When you get a tower trailer to use for ham radio, you’re going to get a lot of questions. The number of times most people see a construction tower set up with a Yagi, HF antenna, or some wi-fi dishes on it, are, in the experience of most people, exactly zero. They don’t notice people’sContinue reading “Signage – 15 pieces of “flair””

Hams on the Lake Mesh test

Today many local hams decided to meet out on White Bear Lake. Some to get on HF, others to test their go-kits, and others to test our tower fleet in real world conditions. The PB tower trailer was there to perform the following tests: Test of Hotspot/Mesh configuration to tunnel to the MN statewide meshContinue reading “Hams on the Lake Mesh test”

BM2 Battery monitors

Lately I’ve been playing with the BM2 battery monitors, available on ebay and automotive shops for 20-30 dollars. They attach to the batteries, connect to your phone or PC over bluetooth and hold the voltage history for 30 days. In addition the software provides low voltage alarm notifications. There are other automotive testing functions asContinue reading “BM2 Battery monitors”

Introducing the tower trailers – what’s installed and what’s next…

I’ve added a capability summary to the website for the two tower trailers that I own showing what each trailer can currently do. See the link for the PB trailer, or J trailer. The next event for the trailers will be the Anoka County Radio Club Halloween Special event station on 10/31/2020. One or bothContinue reading “Introducing the tower trailers – what’s installed and what’s next…”