Internet Connectivity

If your favorite tower project needs internet access to work; one of the challenges is that internet access tends to be delivered either via wifi (hotspot) or USB cable; whereas projects and on-prem stuff tend to be hard-wired, RJ-45. One of the easiest ways to get there from here is with this:

It’s a neat and nifty travel wi-fi access point. You get your internet access either via tethered USB (which also powers your USB hostpot) or an actual wi-fi connection – and it’s delivered to the RJ45 jack on the back.

It’s USB powered, so you need 5v DC to run it (which you can attain by getting a 12v car USB charging adapter).

It also runs OpenWRT, so it’s hackable in its own right. There are other models that are dual-band and have external attenna connections as well.

We tested ours out by swinging our home internet off of comcast one month to avoid hitting our data cap. We were able to use it with ipads, iphones, a standalone USB hotspot. Basically everything we tried worked. For a few weeks the whole household had internet through this thing and it just worked.

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