Elevator speech with QR Codes

There never seems to be enough time to communicate all of the fun aspects of ham radio quickly. This is also true during many of our events.

To help, we’re contemplating adding QR codes to our ham radio tower trailers so that interested folks can scan the code to find out more about Amateur Radio in general or our tower trailers in particular if they’re curious (or if they need to reach the owner). We haven’t decided how this will best work with regard to directly labeling the equipment. We have one idea of using a Cricut to cut out material for the QR code – leaving the background color. Otherwise printing on paper might be the easiest, or manually painting the code when a projector is lined up to show us what to do. If you have some ideas let us know. For now it’s paper.

When we are successful, we’ll update the blog with what worked and maybe some pictures. We do need to try and get some paint jobs in before winter- so that might have to come first.

We’re not sure the best approach here; but the idea is to let folks know about some of the behind the scenes stuff our hobby involves. It doesn’t seem right to miss an opportunity to get folks interested in Ham Radio.

The URL that it points to can be updated over time as needed to add new information or make any changes.

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