More amps

So if your ham gear needs more than a simple battery or solar panel, you are probably going to want some kind of generator. If your tower trailer does not have a working generator we have found that the sportsman or similar 2000 watt or less dual fuel generators work well. They can be had for just over $200 and they will run 12 hours on a propane tank without supervision and without excessive noise. They are also small enough to fit in many of the tower trailers- some without even removing the built in generator.

Of course the Honda inverter generators are also smaller, quieter, lighter and quite nice. But part of the fun of the towers trailers for ham use is to not have them loaded up so much with expensive goodies that you are afraid to take your eyes off of them or use them.

And, if environmental air conditioning support is an assigned responsibility you will obviously have to use a larger, louder, higher rated model.

Below: “Orange is the new black” tower trailer with generator and propane tank. And the large, built in ballast (the non working trailer generator).

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