Hauling around an HF beam

One of the things that would be quite useful would be the ability to transport an HF beam with one of these tower trailers so that you have something to put up when you get there. It appears to be possible but with a bit more assembly / disassembly required.

HF beams can be pretty darn big in comparison. As you can see below. It does seem possible to separate the main beam, strap the main booms along the top of the tower mast and along the sides so that they don’t move or fall off. Hazards include making sure nothing can move either along the top or along the side – and avoiding any situation where the solar panels could get bonked or parts could have too high or low of a clearance.

The traps and extensions are also too long (assuming you don’t want to tear it all down to its smallest parts), but could be strapped in together along the top.

Next time we have some decent weather outdoors, I’ll be refurbishing the ACRC beam antenna to replace the hose clamps, replace rusted components, repair the fiberglass insulator and relabel all of the pole connections. It might be a 2021 spring project, depending on the weather.

Other possible considerations include that the antenna is tall enough a stepladder may also be required to set it up. On bigger tower trailers this has also been the case – however, their starting elevation is higher so setting it up at a 90 degree angle is possible. These light towers can only accommodate the length of the antenna by being partially elevated while slanted sideways, which may be more difficult. We will give this a try in 2021!


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