Silly Ham Tower Trailer Rules from NY9D

As of 4/23/21 we have fourteen 30 foot class mobile Ham Radio tower /mesh trailers in Minnesota.

We have established some silly “rules” for our trailer fleet:

  1. Trailers get cute tactical names/colors (ask your wife or kids for ideas).
  2. Trailers are interoperable /tested with our Strategic Technology Reserve assets (in our case Hennepin County Sheriff Office ICC/ command truck on mesh). Standards are good.
  3. The ownership should be widely distributed to prevent any one person from taking them over. Ideally we have a three hour response time state wide.
  4. Trailers should travel in convoy for the best visual effect
  5. Citizen Science is the idea here- creative technology is encouraged- this is Ham Radio supporting healthcare and disaster relief. Think bass boat armada (Cajun Navy Relief).
  6. If more than one trailer is needed at once – ask- “Barn Raising” is the model
  7. Trailers should be cheap and abundant- more like cattle than prize race horses. if you have too much money tied up in these they cannot be loaned out and will be kept home under lock and key where they cannot aid the community.
  8. Every effort is being made to not take this too seriously or pretend to be from Homeland Security.
  9. We have decided to standardize on 2in ball, 4 pin wiring. These do not use brakes or 7 pin wiring. 7-pin is good for borrowing 12V from the tow vehicle.
  10. Hams should have at all times more ready to roll mobile tower/generator capacity than their County EM

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