“Little White” Trailer (#11) – 2005 Wacker LTC-4L

Wacker 2005 LTC-4L. 30′ steel tower. Running Lombardini 1003 “FOCS” 27 hp. diesel. Group 24 marine battery, 45A alternator, 400W inverter. Both meshes. PTZ camera. Narrow and “garage friendly”.

2/2/21: So with phone coaching from N0NAS the main generator (stator) windings were tested on the Mecc Alte C2 130/4 6KW generator. Both are open.

This is not easily repairable and new generators (SAE-5 bell) are rare and expensive. The stock alternator will provide 45 amps @12V -enough to go around. Even possibly an LED light or two. There is a marine add on 100A alternator kit.

One thing we are learning – our diesel or cheap (construction) propane generators are noisy for our high end urban events. So we may be back to the Honda ish small quiet gasoline portable generators for urban use. Solar and a good battery bank are enough for running mesh and cameras all day. Moving 12V at high current around a field day site is tricky. 12V to 115V AC Inverters are popular but reported to be a possible source of RF noise for Field Day/HF use.

2/27/21: We had Little White out to Hams on the Lake. The tower got stuck around 24 feet- cement dust. Don needed 115v for his laptop. I have a spare 400W 12V DC>115V AC inverter that has never been used. These apparently draw 41 amps @12V at full output. (We have 45 amps available). So that is installed and hard wired in to the Group 24 battery. To paraphrase, no plan survives Field Day.

6/21: Little White was sold. I ran out of garage space and needed all hands on deck -in terms of a matching fleet.

73s, NY9D

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