Trailer #12 – “Yoda” 2013 Wacker LTN6L

We are starting to think about Amateur Radio/ARRL Field Day June 25/26/21. And “asset packages” for MNVOAD deployments. Each of these would call for dual 6KW or more diesel generators parked 50′ away -feeding 240V heavy gauge power cables to distribution points. We have just one 240VAC capable trailer now- and need a second one. Ritchie Brothers was having a large timed auction with many tower trailers in Chicago- a few were in Minneapolis. My first few choices sold right away for high prices- a 20KW unit was interesting but went for $2200.

The last one left was a Wacker LTN6L. N is for narrow. It is the 120/240V (4 wire) model. I glanced at the pictures and pushed “bid” – a minute later it was mine. I did study the photos later- it was missing jacks and could not be started. The engine control panel was actually missing. But it was not rusty, 30′ and semi cute. It was clearly a parts-donor unit.

So far “Yoda” needs a few things. The tongue weight is crazy- so a Harbor Freight roller jack. The missing jacks are easy- and a new one is a piece of 2×2 hot rolled 1/8 or 1/4 steel square tube. Metal Superstore had that in an hour for $35.

The Lombardini LDW 1003 is a nice 13 hp. three cylinder engine. The mechanical fuel pump is intact. N0NAS suggested I make up a basic control panel to replace the missing factory one. One push button, one toggle switch. I did. it started right up- the AC voltages look good. I did find a replacement control panel. So we have a 2nd 6kw diesel in the fleet.

7/21: Yoda was sold. I wanted a fleet of similar looking (i.e. TEREX RL4) metal trailers to support the N+1 redundancy idea. The idea is these arrive in pairs.

Tower Trailer Garage -Amateur Radio tower trailer NY9D “Yoda” – YouTube

Touchless concierge delivery at Ritchie Brothers Medford, MN

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