Lucky #14

I’ve lost track of how many tower trailers we have. N0NAS did suggest placing low bids and walking away. I did this twice last week and have two new to us rigs in my driveway. Lucky is a Terex RL4000, similar to the excellent Terex RL4 I already have. The idea was a matched pair, to illustrate N+1 redundancy. In the network reliability math model, one of anything (unless the thing is fault-tolerant) is a bad idea

The name Lucky came about for several reasons. I liked “Little White” but that was in use. We were lucky to get this one at a good price. Eric drove to Grand Forks rapidly and he was lucky to not have a ticket. And the owner came out and said Lucky was rebuilt in 2019. So far the generator output voltage is high- 158V no load, 138V under full lighting load. Sources online suggest the motor run capacitor (60uf, 440V) is a wear item. There is literally very little else this can be except a slight downward RPM adjustment. It measured at 60.7 Hz. 1800rpm =60Hz. (7/15- put in a 25 uf /440V motor run capacitor – no load voltage now 118).

I like the Terex RL4 series in this year (2012, 2013 etc.) +/- the pre-drilled bracket for an extra piece of 1.5 inch square tubing adds six feet to the height. The lower center of gravity seems good. And they are cute. I am not sure on RL4 vs RL4000 – what you get. Lucky has no provision or even knock outs for trailer lighting. That will need to be added.

6KW diesel. 5G TWINSLAN + AREDEN mesh. PTZ camera. 40M Dipole. Pipe mount. 20 min standby, Ramsey County.

Lucky (R) at Hams in the Park, 7/21

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