January VHF contest

This year it was time to do the vhf contest. Weather was cold, and band conditions were iffy but there were occasional openings on 2m and 6m.

Peanut butter tower in the moonlight.
Two station antennas

All in all it was a productive (and cold) contest as the propane tanks emptied before the contest was over, struggling against the extremes of cold MN weather.

The cuff of the tower trailer mast allows the beam to be manually rotated from the bottom, to fill in needed grid squares.

The horizontal yagi did cause us to be heard as far away as Illinois, while the vertical antenna also worked better than expected on digital, even given the wrong polarization.

Digital vhf operating station with supplemental insulation precautions

Contests are a great way to operate in typical real world conditions.

73 and G/L. KC0LQL.

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