Trailer #12 – “Yoda” 2013 Wacker LTN6L

We are starting to think about Amateur Radio/ARRL Field Day June 25/26/21. And “asset packages” for MNVOAD deployments. Each of these would call for dual 6KW or more diesel generators parked 50′ away -feeding 240V heavy gauge power cables to distribution points. We have just one 240VAC capable trailer now- and need a second one.Continue reading “Trailer #12 – “Yoda” 2013 Wacker LTN6L”

Our New MOUs and Trailer Classes

We just signed an MOU with Minnesota VOAD. They are part of a national structure of non profit and sometimes faith based volunteer groups that respond to disasters. We now have one with MN ARES also. I talked to our friend Steve Hartman, who is a regional lead with the Red Cross. He says thereContinue reading “Our New MOUs and Trailer Classes”

The Pre-Loppet/ Loppet Winter Festival

Early in 2020 we volunteered at the Loppet Winter Festival, a large urban ski and fat-tire bike race.  We set up a medical command center and helped at the aid stations.   This event, sit in a hilly park, gave us the idea to convert retired construct light trailers to Amateur Radio use- we are upContinue reading “The Pre-Loppet/ Loppet Winter Festival”

“Little White” Trailer (#11) – 2005 Wacker LTC-4L

Wacker 2005 LTC-4L. 30′ steel tower. Running Lombardini 1003 “FOCS” 27 hp. diesel. Group 24 marine battery, 45A alternator, 400W inverter. Both meshes. PTZ camera. Narrow and “garage friendly”. 2/2/21: So with phone coaching from N0NAS the main generator (stator) windings were tested on the Mecc Alte C2 130/4 6KW generator. Both are open. ThisContinue reading ““Little White” Trailer (#11) – 2005 Wacker LTC-4L”

Silly Ham Tower Trailer Rules from NY9D

As of 4/23/21 we have fourteen 30 foot class mobile Ham Radio tower /mesh trailers in Minnesota. We have established some silly “rules” for our trailer fleet: Trailers get cute tactical names/colors (ask your wife or kids for ideas). Trailers are interoperable /tested with our Strategic Technology Reserve assets (in our case Hennepin County SheriffContinue reading “Silly Ham Tower Trailer Rules from NY9D”