A little paint

Keeping your tower trailer painted will help it last longer and can make it look a lot better. Below is the J trailer, both before and after re-painting.

A few words to the wise about painting these things. First of all, any of the lettering you see on the old trailers are generally provided by stickers – getting them off and removing the sticky residue is the first thing. A heat gun and thin putty knife will remove most plastic based stickers and decals easily.

The VIN number plate and tire loading instructions are useful to cover up and keep from paint. The wheel hub can be removed, but I found that wasn’t strictly necessary and was tougher to remove on the solar panel side. The solar panels are definitely a team-lift – often they do not have enough wire between them to set one down while working on the other.

If you paint only the outside of the main body, you can expect it to take about 3 cans of spray-paint.

It’s now ready to roll again in a new color; waiting for the next event.

You can see also the new magnetic sticker labels for each trailer, and the QR code that tells people what they’re about.

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