Antenna Radial blues…

Well, bouncing around back in a trailer (or not!) it’s bound to happen eventually. Antenna radials can wiggle loose or get lost. My recommendation is to remove the radials and put them on when you get where they’re going. However, if you’re missing some – this is what I did.

First choice would be to see if replacement radials are available from the vendor. In this case, with my Tram 1480 antenna I didn’t find an obvious path.

Next I took my surviving radial to the hardware store. Hopefully you have a bolt from the one radial that you can put on the sizing rig in the screw isle.

Once you know the size the bolt fits (#10-32 fine, in this case), you can order a fully threaded rod of the same size; as well as new bolts for that size.

For the tram, this is it:

It will arrive in a comically huge box. Now you can cut the rod to the same length as your factory radial and you’re back on the air, pretty much as good as new. The replacement radial screws into the antenna just fine.

Also a great idea – a PVC section to store these safely inside the trailer until we’re ready to deploy…

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