Introducing the tower trailers – what’s installed and what’s next…

I’ve added a capability summary to the website for the two tower trailers that I own showing what each trailer can currently do. See the link for the PB trailer, or J trailer. The next event for the trailers will be the Anoka County Radio Club Halloween Special event station on 10/31/2020. One or both trailers may be used to set up antennas in a parking lot – however we’ll have to decide how many trailers to bring once we know a bit about what Minnesota weather will dish up for us and how many people / radios will be attending.

Unfortunately in MN, double towing is quite restricted so there is no road-legal way to tow the two trailers in a line. Unless the first vehicle is a fifth wheel and the last trailer is a boat. Turning one tower trailer into a “duck” style amphibious device although amusing to think about is beyond my capabilities (and I don’t own anything with a 5th wheel hitch). Oh well. Two trips then, or two drivers.

As more Minnesota hams share similar information about their tower trailers, we’ll share some of their projects and capabilities here as well. Our fleet in MN is growing too. If you get a trailer or can think of something fun to do with them, let us know! -Tim, KC0LQL

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